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Voices For Wolves

Red wolves enjoy widespread support from the public. In recent years, more than 55,000 comments have flooded the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in support of protecting critically endangered red wolves.

Red wolves roam lands originally inhabited by indigenous people. Red wolves are sacred to many tribes of eastern North Carolina, including the Tuscarora. The Tuscarora Nation of North Carolina has provided names of red wolves to honor their legacy and help protect their future. 

North Carolinians and many local landowners also support red wolf protection and recovery. They are proud to be home to the last red wolves in the wild. 

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Red wolf howl at sunrise – Video by Danielle Van Aken 

Photographer and videographer Danielle Van Aken captured this stunning, stirring video of a red wolf howling at dawn. Danielle lives near the red wolf recovery area and visits the area often. Deep gratitude to Danielle for sharing this powerful clip. Perhaps the red wolves’ howl will return to more of the Eastern United States in the years to come. 

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