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Muppet was killed by a vehicle strike just before he turned two years old.

His father was killed by a vehicle strike six months earlier.

Muppet was the first born of the 2022 litter. He had a conspicuously long neck that distinguished him from his litter mates.

Muppet’s parents were Pam and Airplane Ears. Airplane Ears was killed by a vehicle strike in September 2023.

After his father died, Muppet stepped up to fill in his role. Muppet helped protect the pups that his father left behind and even looked after his mother.

Muppet leaves behind four siblings from his litter: his brother Foxy (2411M) and three sisters—Dot (2412F), Chance (2413F), and Cinnamon (2414F).  He also leaves behind five surviving yearlings from Airplane Ears’ and Pam’s 2023 litter.

Photos by James Ford

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