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You’re Invited! Attend the Red Wolf Webinar on Tuesday July 2

Want to learn more about red wolves—and an exciting opportunity to protect them? Join us Tuesday, July 2, at 1pm ET for a free webinar: Building a Future for Endangered Red Wolves Red wolves are the world’s most endangered canines, with fewer than 25 left in the wild. In just the past year, five were […]

Fifth Red Wolf Killed by Vehicle Collision

  A red wolf was killed by a vehicle collision in June—the fifth red wolf road mortality in less than a year. Red wolf 2444M was a new father of five pups who was tragically struck by a vehicle along Highway 64 near Buffalo Town Road. 2444M was born in captivity at the Endangered Wolf […]

Eight Pups!

Photo credit: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service / Red Wolf Recovery Program Hope (2225F) gave birth to eight red wolf pups! On April 18, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service confirmed the birth of a wild litter of eight red wolf pups in the Milltail area of Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge, N.C. The Service heroically worked behind the […]

Goodbye, Muppet: Fourth Red Wolf Killed By Vehicle Strike in a Year

Muppet (2410M) was killed by a vehicle strike on April 15. He is the fourth red wolf to be killed by a vehicle strike in the past 10 months. According the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, monitoring of Muppet’s movements indicated that he had been crossing Highway 64, and efforts were ongoing to haze him […]

Tuscarora Nation of North Carolina Names Red Wolves

The Tuscarora Nation of North Carolina has provided names to the Pungo Pack of red wolves. The Pungo Pack currently consists of four wolves: a breeding male and female and their two female yearlings born in 2023. Red wolves roam the lands originally inhabited by the Tuscarora Nation. The five-county red wolf recovery area of […]

Meet Finch: New Male Introduced to Milltail Pack

Welcome to the wild, Finch! Finch is a seven-year-old male who was released into the Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge earlier this year. He has been released in the Milltail Pack’s territory with the hope that he will mate with Pam (2225F). Previously, Pam had sired 11 pups over two years with Airplane Ears (2323M). […]

Video: Waya – Saving Our Red Grandfather

The red wolf holds significant cultural value to the Cherokee people. In this video produced by Osier TV with help from U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, learn about the Cherokee’s tribal connection to this species and how conservationists are working to save the red wolf from extinction.

One-Minute Video: How to Save Red Wolves

Save Red Wolves is an alliance of organizations and individuals dedicated to protecting red wolves in the wild. You can be a voice for the last remaining red wolves. Join us in advocating for wildlife crossings, more reintroduction sites, and stronger protections for the most endangered wolves on the planet.  

Another Red Wolf Killed: Third Red Wolf in Six Months to Die From Vehicle Strike

An endangered red wolf was killed by vehicle strike along Highway 264 in December, marking the third red wolf in six months to die from a vehicle collision. The unnamed female pup, wearing radio collar 2501F, was an eight-month-old juvenile from the Milltail pack and daughter of Hope and Airplane Ears. Three months earlier, 2501F’s […]